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Bole So Nihal

World Premier of a Historical extravaganza on complete
History of Punjab, ‘ BOLE SO NIHAL’ Spectacular show to be performed
in Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi on Wednesday the Nov. 4th at 6.00 pm Sharp

This one and a half hour hi-tech multimedia extravaganza which will be the first of its kind ever and will consist of three main audio-visual media i.e. Light & Sound, Drama and Video projection with live special effects and stunts.

Light and Sound: The digitally recorded sound will be played-back on a 3000 watt amplifier with about 60 speakers. The computerized sound will travel from one corner to another, of the 360 degree stage with the help of speakers fitted in the audience giving the effect of passing forces through the audience.

Lightning will be designed specifically with about 100 different light sources to create the different moods and movement (e.g.) the building of wall around Sahibzadas will be a spectacle in itself created by light effects and reinforced by poignant music (shabad) followed by the attack of Banda Bahadur coming from behind and passing through the audience towards the set of Sirhind with digitally created sound effects of horses and Men of Khalsa Fauj shouting “BOLE SO NIHAL” at atleast 1000 voices.

Drama : Experienced stage actors will be engaged for this medium. This medium will effectively show the public reaction of that period plus certain characters who will enact scenes juxtaposed with other media (e.g.) Maharaja Ranjit Singh who alongwith 100 soldiers is standing below Shahi Qila of lahore is on video screen, because so many actors and horses on stage is not possible but Shah Zaman who is standing on Burj of Qila is live and who runs inside when all 100 soldiers fire from their guns together.

Video: For the first time this third and most effective medium is added. The illusions which are impossible to create otherwise will be enacted through this medium. It is a historical fact that the Gurus have either reformed or fought the evil doers of the time. We will engage famous actors from Bombay filmdom like Om Puri, Raj Babbar, Dara singh etc. to play these characters (e.g. Malik Bhago, Wazir Khan, Massa Rangarh, etc.). Because those actors are busy in Bombay and cannot come for the shows therefore we will shoot them on Video enhancing the production value keeping in view the interest of the masses (e.g.) beheading of Massa Rangarh by Mehtab Singh is only possible by graphics and special effects on video, computers, Even the paintings of theGurus and other important Sikhs who’s characters cannot be portrayed will be depicted with help of this medium.

Fire, Guns, Smoke Machines and Wind Machine: With the advancement of technology we will be creating fires and thunder storms on the set complementing scene being enacted (e.g.) on the Martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur ji there is big storm on the set created by wind machine and light and sound effects. Lakhi Shah and his 8 sons take the body of Guru ji to their house which is erected on the set itself and is set on fire. The effect of fire with fire guns and smoke machine hidden behind the set will highlight the sacrifice of Guru ji and devotion towards him by his followers further highlight it with song being played back ill the background.

Cycloramas: Cycloramas will fill and create the appropriate backdrop when required as in the opening shabad “Sat Guru Nanak Pargatya miti Dhund Jag Chanan hoa”, realistic sunrise takes place on video screen and extension of orange light will be seen on cycloramas.

Fire Works: Fire works will take place towards the climax of the show after the victory of the Shiromani Akali Dal in getting the Gurudwara Act enacted in1925. Whole of Punjab will be shown rejoicing the grand victory.

Sardar Prakash Singh Badal Hon. Chief Minister of Punjab will be the Chief guest and Smt. Sushma Swaraj Hon. Chief Minister of Delhi will preside the function.

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