Newsletter – June 2007

News Letter – June 2007

From: Sr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney (International President)

Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, International President WPO welcomes Janab Jehangir Badar, Patron WPO Pakistan Chapter.

Mr. V.S. Sahney honouring Janab Jehangir Badar with a bouquet at a reception held in his honour on 30th June at Hotel Le-Meridien.

Mr. B.S. Anand, Chairman National Affairs WPO honouring Janab Jehangir Badar with a bouquet.


Mr. J.S. Chadha, Treasurer WPO honouring Janab Zulfikar Ali Badar General Secretary WPO Lahore chapter with a bouquet.

Mr. V.S. Sahney addressing the gathering.



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