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Mission Hope

MP Vikramjit Sahney’s #Mission Hope: A Beacon of Rescue and Support for Stranded Punjabi Girls in Oman

Reclaiming Lives, Ensuring Dignity

This initiative was envisioned to save Punjabi women stranded in Gulf Countries and provide them with rehabilitation. To date, 79 girls have been successfully rescued. These women fell prey to unscrupulous agents who deceived them with the promise of well-paying jobs, only to become victims of human trafficking. #MissionHope played a crucial role in rescuing these girls and bringing them back to Punjab. We ensured their rehabilitation through skill training and job opportunities to secure their sustainable livelihoods for the future.

In Punjab, we took proactive measures by establishing a Special Investigation Team (SIT) within the police force to combat unlicensed agents involved in these illegal travels. Our aim is not only to prevent such incidents but also to seek justice for those who have been evacuated.

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